Mini Cupcake Tins Make Baking a Little More Fun

So, I’ve learned that gluten free baking seems to always have a problem with texture. Lots of mixes are just grainy instead of smooth and fluffy. I’ve found a good solution to mixes that have this problem: just make everything smaller!

Normally, the edges of your baked goods are firmer in texture (because they are baked slightly longer) and don’t suffer the grainy issue. I read somewhere that if you are making gluten free cookies that you should make the cookies smaller to ensure that they don’t fall apart as easily. I was amazed to find that this is true but also discovered that it makes the grainy texture less noticeable.

I decided to test my new theory with other baked goods, as well. My first test was brownies. My grandmother gave me an old mini-cupcake tin that she had never used, so instead of pouring the batter into an 8x8 pan, I used the mini-cupcake pan. Not only does it make the texture better, it holds the brownie together more and is cute to boot!

I now use this method on almost all baked goods that I make, especially cupcakes. It works wonders and people always give me compliments on how cute they are.The only thing that you need to note is that mini-cupcake pans come in several different sizes and normally aren’t consistent. It doesn’t really matter what size you buy, just keep in mind that cupcake holders only really come in two small sizes: Bonbon and Mini-Cupcake. Bonbon holders are really for making chocolates and are therefore smaller. Don’t use the foil bonbon baking cups for anything other than chocolates because any baked good will stick to it more.

You can buy small cupcake holders at Michael’s and sometimes at the grocery store. Wilton’s has a list of all the ones that they have on their website.

Enjoy baking! Please send links to pictures if you ever make any small baked treasures!

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Sophie said...

How cute! I didn't know mini cupcakes were called bon bons. Anything mini is always more fun. Good for you for experimenting with baking :D!

P.S. Expect a reply message from me soon :D.