Rice Chex is Now Gluten Free

You heard me right, a mainstream cereal brand has changed it’s ingredients to now being gluten free! Woot!

I had to pick up two boxes at the store today, since all the old gluten boxes are now gone. The cereal tastes slightly different than I remember, but is still yummy. I added some blueberries and sugar to add some depth to the taste and I completely recommend it.

Random comment: geez, the cost of cereal has spiked, hasn’t it? I never buy any anymore so I wasn’t in the loop. Thank you, American economy!

Now, it’s important to note when you pick up a box of Rice Chex that it says “Gluten-Free” on the front. Since they are phasing out the old boxes, you might pick up an old one that contains malt. So be careful!

General Mills also added a gluten free section to their online recipes, to celebrate.

Gluten free products are slowly making their way into normal grocery stores. Soon we will take over the world. Bwahahaha!

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Sophie said...

I'm really happy to hear that gluten-free products are becoming more readily available :). I actually just went to check out the website for one of my favorite restaurants in Austin and noticed that they advertise a gluten free menu on their main page! Pretty cool hu? (If you're ever in the area, the restaurant is called The Eastside Cafe <--- amazing burgers, btw. :)