Review: Mrs. Leeper's Beef Lasagna

I've been really searching for easy to fix gluten free meals. The only exposure to the Mrs. Leeper's brand I had more this was their corn pasta. I am not a huge fan of corn pasta, just because the corn flavor doesn't quite go as well with most meals as well as rice flavor does. Plus, the corn pasta's texture is a little different from the rice pasta I'm used to. Anyhoo...

Basically, their gluten free beef lasagna is a hamburger-ish type meal. Just add ground beef and you are ready to go. It took a little longer than the 15 minutes promised on the box, but the results were worth it. Very few brands seem to use corn pasta, but I thought that it blended wonderfully with the spices in the mix.

The box suggested to add cheese and fresh basil. We added cheese, since fresh basil is in short supply at my tiny apartment. I definitely recommend adding the cheese. Afterall, what doesn't taste better with cheese?

We also fixed green beans on the side, which was a nice addition. It fed three hungry adults with no leftovers, so I don't think it's quite enough to feed a family of four even if there are children.

In conclusion, I was very impressed with the product! The quality of the food was higher than any boxed food I've had. The taste was amazing, definitely better than Hamburger Helper! I will look into buying more Mrs. Leeper's box meals in the future.

Company – Mrs. Leeper's
Price - Don't know, it was a gift
Review – 5 out of 5 stars
Preparation - Buying a pack of ground beef, ~20 total to cook
Gluten Amount – No gluten ingredients used

Allergians - Contains milk and soy ingredients

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Gluten Free Steve said...

I am a big fan of Mrs. Leeper's tuna casserole mix. I agree with you on the straight corn noodles, they're not that good.