Review: Bumble Bar

There are several flavors of Bumble Bars, although I’ve only had the original, cherry, tropical fruit, and apricot flavors. My mom brought me these bars from the Sprouts store in Texas. We took these on our camping trip and ate them in the car, hence the fancy map background on the pictures.

These bars are interesting because they are nuts/seeds held together with agave nectar. So, the bars are flexible and they kinda fall apart while you’re eating them (so it was a little difficult to eat in the car). They are really quite yummy, but a little sticky.

I enjoyed the apricot flavor the best, but most people in the car liked the tropical fruit more. Although, I have to admit that I felt really healthy and free spirited eating something that is comprised only of dried fruit and seeds. The bars have only a tad bit of sweet flavor, so they aren’t very sugary.

All in all, I enjoy them more so than most bars. My only problem is that I don’t understand where the bumble bee theme on the bars came from since there is no honey in the bars. Bumble Bars, please answer me that!


Sophie said...

These sound really tasty. Do you know if they have sesame seeds? I just found out I'm really allergic :P.

J.J. said...

They do have sesame seeds. I don't know if they all do, but you can look on their website and they have the ingredients listed for each bar type: http://www.bumblebar.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=21

I wouldn't risk it because some of the bars contain sesame seeds and they are probably manufactured on the same line.

Anonymous said...

I love Love love the chai bumble bar! I crave one everyday-I am totally in love with sesame seeds. I also love oskri sesame bars