Frito Lay, friend to Celiacs

You know, every once in a while, I'm just really impressed by a food company. Doesn't happen often, but one company that has impressed me ever since I found out that I would have to go on the gluten free diet is Frito Lay.

I think it's because the ingredient list in their products is so easy to read. Most contain just a handful. Who would have guessed that potato chips only contain potatoes, oil, and salt? Abnormal in this day and age!

Frito Lay is one of the first companies who products I began to trust early on in my gluten free process because a large selection of their products are gluten free and I've never had a reaction to any product on their gluten free list.

Just look at their list of gluten free products! Yes, that is 161 products listed. They also seem to update the list every few months. Crazy!

Their customer service people are also really friendly and knowledgeable in my experience.

After my experience with Aveeno this week, I figured that I need to congratulate a major company that was succeeding in impressing me.

Hats off to you, Frito Lay!

Disclaimer: In the interest of full disclosure, I have had a family member work for Frito Lay (but, that's never stopped me bad mouthing a company before!)

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Katie said...

I love lay's! I also love UTZ. They always mark if their products are gluten free and they have an awesome website with lots of info!