Giveaway Contest

Free stuff! Woohoo!

I've been having some technical difficulties uploading my posts this week, so to make up for my lack of updates, I figured that it was time to have some fun and give away this fabulous cookbook above. I have a copy myself and it's full of great recipes that you can make in a snap.

So, like everything in life, there are rules to this contest:

Generate a list of topics ideas that you would like me to write about. This can be either a particular product you would like reviewed, a gluten issue you would like me to talk about, etc. To enter, you will need to add a comment to this particular post. For each idea (up to five) that you come up with, I will enter your name into the hat that I will pull the winner out of. Example: If you post 6 ideas your name will go into the hat 5 times but if you only post 3 ideas then your name will only go into the hat 3 times. The more ideas you post, the better your odds of winning. Make sure to fill in a name and not click "Anonymous."

The posting will close next Tuesday, August 12th at noon PST (USA). I will announce the winner that night. Feel free to post ideas after that time, but you won't be entered into the contest. After that, I will have you email me your address and I will ship the book to you at no charge!

If you have any questions or need clarification, just add a comment to this post. I'm trying to do this on the honor system, so make me proud people or else I wouldn't feel right about giving away any more free things! And will all love free things! Woo!


sassafrassj said...

I think you should review restaurants you go to in your area and when you travel. If they have a gf menu, you could talk about how much selection they have and if it was tasty or not. If they don't, you can discuss if it was easy to make an item gluten free, how helpful the staff was, etc.

Claire said...

I think you should do a post about how to have a gluten-free friend over for dinner. You know, things like washing dishes well ahead of time, scrutinizing labels to make sure no gluten sneaks in, etc.

Also, I think you should do a post on gluten-free fast food. That way, next time we're on a roadtrip together and get hungry I'll know where to pull over.

Oh, what about gluten-free snacks. I'm asssuming most commercially prepared granola bars are out. So, what do you keep with you for a snack that doesn't need to be refrigerated or microwaved?

Clara said...

My 5 topic ideas are:

1) Traveling Gluten Free (what you bring along, what restaurants are generally safe, etc)
2) Places that gluten "hide" (like in gravy and cereal, etc)
3) Good flour substitutes (preferably ones that you can mix at home rather than ones that are bought already made)
4) Emotions that you went through when you first found out you were gluten intolerant
5) How to politely request (and guide) a gluten free meal from someone who is hostessing a dinner at their own home

Router said...

1. I would like to see info on lesser known gluten-free food companies.

2. Thanksgiving and Christmas menus, because that's always a challange.

3. Review of bread recipes.