Review: Trader Joe’s Flourless Chocolate Cake

So, I was super excited yesterday to see that Trader Joe’s now has a flourless cake! I had heard through the grapevine that it existed, but I’m afraid that if you aren’t living on the East Coast, that you don’t get as many of the gluten free products in your local Trader Joe’s store. Where is the West Coast love, Mr. Joe?

The cake is listed on their “No Gluten Ingredients Used List” even though the packaging itself doesn’t have their new gluten icon.

The consistency is weird, which is to be expected. It’s kinda of a cross between a brownie and fudge, more leaning toward the fudge. The packaging doesn’t do much to make it more appealing, but it sure tastes yummy! Very rich.

My boyfriend had the great idea of popping it into the microwave for 12 seconds, and I can’t even tell you how heavenly that made it. If you had vanilla ice cream with it, you just might die (consider yourself warned!).

It is extremely messy, I’m afraid. If a crumb gets on your skin, it kinda melts and gets all over everything.

Two thumbs up from both of us. Not a bad item to grab on your way to a party.

Company – Trader Joe’s Exclusive
Price - $7
Review – 5 out of 5 stars
Preparation - None
Gluten Amount – Manufactured in a facility that contains wheat

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Sophie said...

How exciting :)! I live just a few miles away from Trader Joe's, plus I found a Whole Foods this weekend that's loaded with gluten-free products. I especially love products like these, though, for when I'm too lazy to bake something myself :P.

I'll definitely give you a call some time soon!